AMI Feedback, Assessment & Coaching Services

AMI Feedback & Coaching Services

Seeking change, building your skills, looking for new opportunities, charting a new course? We can help you:

  • we facilitate and support the development of individuals
  • we assist you to develop your education and career plan
  • we identify individual needs
  • we support your changing environment

AMI Feedback and Coaching Inc. provides services to individuals and organizations. We offer full feedback, assessment and coaching services.  Our clients discover a better understanding of how they work and live. 

Individuals get results by:

  • Using our tailored assessments to create plans that guide them through periods of growth:  for students, post-education career searches, mid-career changes and post career endeavours
  • Identifying developmental needs using feedback and assessment processes customized to the individual
  • Accessing our debriefing and coaching sessions to identify next steps and create an action plan

Organizations get results by:

  • Identifying needs using feedback and assessment processes customized to their organizational culture
  • The creation of realistic and actionable plans
  • Identifying training needs and assisting with internal resource allocation

Assessments and tools that we use:

  • Panoramic Feedback™ online system (360°,180° and self-assessments)
  • The Strong Inventory
  • EQ-i
  • and more


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